!!! We have puppies Shiba Inu !!!

Kennel "Czech Jacobin" was founded in 1989. First, I have bred 5 litters of American cocker spaniels, then - since 1993 I have devoted only breed Japanese Spitz puppies gradually from the largest American Akita, Akita and Hokkaido (I brought from France declared and established the first female breeding this breed in CZ), to the smallest - Shiba Inu. It is now devoted solely to their breed, but still working as an advisor to breed American Akita Club and am an International Judge for all of these breeds. I've always tried to enrich our breeding new "blood" and almost all breeding individuals were from high-quality foreign kennels. Conversely, many kennels in Europe and the U.S. own successful individuals on behalf of the United Jacobin.

Chech Jakobin

First Shibu red female Ranchlake California Promise (Sibiu), I won in 1998 by Mr. Warren, Dorothy from the U.S. in exchange for an Akita puppy, which I at that time, as she also acted. Sibiu I came around in 15 months, he already had in our Junior champion, sent back to the U.S., where it won Dorothy Champion for the United States and with it has bred a litter of puppies.
Back then has toured with his "lifelong partner" of a red dog Rippa-Na Tobimasu (Tobik), which has also been the U.S. Champion. So I got my first breeding pair, who founded a completely unrelated bloodline and Tobik became, one of the "popular" cover dogs with us. For his fruitful life has became the father of 50 litters, not only here but also abroad. Its advantages become particularly smooth and reliable coverage and a very nice head, handed it to his descendants. With suitable bitches gave a black wall.


In 2001, I then took him from the kennel Brown fortress for defending a black female Boa (Pavlik's mother Taketoyo, Import Canada), which continued to show achievements of his father. Because time is ticking, and in 2006 Sibiu ended 8 years of my life, I'm leaving on her penultimate cover dog Sensei Keiko (Import U.S., U.S. Champion, and PL) female Chiko United Jacobin. Nature and outdoors is "a mom" and therefore became the breed at shows even a successful successor. Ages, of course Tobik. Along with Sibiu won the title Czech Veteran Champion and is now used in fine form zasloužilého rest. Likewise, female Boa for his age already do not breed.

To rejuvenate the breeding base so I brought in 2006 also from Mr. Dorothy, budding red dog Ranchlake Aka chess (chess). During the Re 3 years won titles Sachi - Interchampion, Champion CZ, AT, PL and SK and has several times used for breeding. Then changed his residence and is now located at my friend Yvonne in Sweden, where he continues to breed. From her I came in 2009 in exchange for him brought a female Lucky Dragon's Pocahontas (Pockie). With Pockie we very quickly started show career. For the short time we have earned the title Ch PL, and we have also started many other national titles and title interchampion that we should finish this year. This year (2010) I also got my latest addition to my family and husbandry female Danga's Y-Ofelia (Fia) Swedish vallhund breed. FIA became the first individuals of this breed in our country and I believe that would become the founder of a successful breeding with us. For his easygoing and sweet nature have its admirers certainly fast gains.
As the mascot of the kennel and the family pet with us, then still living female pug Scarlet Pibaro (Bobina).

Hana Blatoňová

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